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Harley Davidson Genuine Leather Wallet Leather Card Holder RFID UK DISPATCH

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It seems that cash is not as spendable as it used to be, many shops and chains have now stopped accepting cash altogether.

but this brings danger, card details theft is at an all time high, Swolit is a way to protect your cards against thieves who use high tech equipment to copy your card details, The Swolit NFC protection will keep your card details safe.


The Swolit comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, we have so much faith in our product that if for any reason the Swolit gets faulty simply contact us and we will replace your Swolit for a small handling fee.





  • RFID BLOCKING protection function.
  • , Anti Scan function.
  • Electronic pickpocket cannot scan the wallet to obtain bank card information.
  • Protect personal information and fund security.
  • American GSA security certification.
  • Anti-electromagnetic radio frequency scanning, anti demagnetization.


Genuine Leather

  • Colour: Black,
  • Size: 9.5cm X 6.0cm X 2.0cm